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Kayak Building Archive 1

Stink foot10/16/2001, 1:35 am
Internal Strongback for Spring Run Construction10/15/2001, 10:40 pm
Moving a kayak overseas.... unfinished!!!????10/15/2001, 10:32 pm
vaneer problems10/15/2001, 6:36 pm
good buys on planes10/15/2001, 6:28 pm
Granta Kayak, plywood/Refinish10/15/2001, 1:26 pm
Redwood Strips10/15/2001, 9:27 am
paddling a Guillemot 1710/14/2001, 11:21 pm
Which Pygmy?10/14/2001, 11:17 pm
How tough are skin on frame boats?10/14/2001, 7:40 pm
Chesapeake hull shape10/13/2001, 11:43 pm
designs and the law10/13/2001, 1:22 pm
marine sealant10/12/2001, 8:36 pm
carving a foam seat??10/12/2001, 7:16 pm
lapstrake kayak- anyone try it?10/12/2001, 1:35 pm
Great Auk ~ Osprey Standard Comparison10/12/2001, 11:03 am
Shop Built Beveler for Beadless Builders *Pic*10/12/2001, 12:58 am
Roy Folland S&G Kits10/11/2001, 7:48 pm
Strange things happening to my Auk10/11/2001, 8:02 am
Detco Crystal Varnish10/11/2001, 6:51 am
ballistic nylon source?10/10/2001, 6:53 pm
First Stripper - Finally Launched *Pic*10/10/2001, 5:13 pm
Atlantic progress *Pic*10/10/2001, 4:31 pm
Other Boat Building Forum's ??10/10/2001, 2:55 pm
Sheesh10/10/2001, 2:41 pm
Blue Styrofoam Insulation10/10/2001, 2:06 pm
scarfing 3mm ply10/10/2001, 2:13 am
Spot Weld10/9/2001, 1:04 pm
1/4" luan10/9/2001, 11:46 am
The elusive PVC folder - closer?10/9/2001, 11:36 am
Abachi wood - is it any good for paddles? *NM*10/9/2001, 10:09 am
skin boat club10/9/2001, 1:01 am
Great Tool for Strppers! *Pic*10/9/2001, 12:11 am
Looks like a baidarka frame is on eBay10/8/2001, 4:30 pm
Polyurethane Glue Line Question...10/8/2001, 2:56 pm
Wet Boat Blues10/8/2001, 9:35 am
still soft epoxy... :(10/8/2001, 1:17 am
kayak sail link10/7/2001, 8:43 am
folding/take apart kayak10/6/2001, 11:38 pm
Leidy Lids10/6/2001, 3:19 pm
Foot pumps10/6/2001, 2:12 pm
To stain or not to Stain?10/6/2001, 12:13 pm
modifying plans10/5/2001, 8:31 pm
Cove and Bead bits10/5/2001, 8:28 pm
Polo Kayak Design10/5/2001, 5:41 pm
Building an Aleut Baidarka10/5/2001, 10:40 am
Building an Aleut Baidarka10/5/2001, 10:39 am
Minimum temp for end pour?10/4/2001, 6:22 pm
Compiling top outfitting innovations10/4/2001, 2:39 pm
Kayak insurance at a reasonable price10/4/2001, 2:08 pm
Catenary tarp ?10/3/2001, 10:31 pm
Cambered deck question10/3/2001, 5:48 pm
Morris Greenland Progress *Pic*10/3/2001, 12:16 pm
paranoia???10/3/2001, 3:51 am
Varnish vote10/3/2001, 1:21 am
bs6566 okoume vs bs1088 vs doorskins10/2/2001, 11:04 pm
2 piece Greenland paddle10/2/2001, 11:01 pm
SF Bay Paddlefest10/2/2001, 4:47 pm
Arctic Tern vs. Arctic Hawk10/2/2001, 4:20 pm
Moving the thing10/2/2001, 3:28 pm
Tip shape?10/2/2001, 10:45 am
Tricky Stitching?10/2/2001, 9:52 am
Contributions welcome10/2/2001, 8:40 am
thickener10/2/2001, 6:02 am
R2K1 Photos are up! *Pic*10/2/2001, 4:10 am
Kayakers Assist Beached Whales in Port Townsend *Pic*10/2/2001, 4:02 am
pre-soak time for steaming?10/1/2001, 11:07 pm
Prep for varnish10/1/2001, 9:37 pm
colors?10/1/2001, 5:40 pm
Native paddle finish question10/1/2001, 2:58 pm
portage yokes or devices?10/1/2001, 1:34 pm
1st boat10/1/2001, 12:44 pm
I cant take it any more! *Pic*10/1/2001, 11:47 am
Launch of a Mill Creek 13 *Pic*10/1/2001, 9:15 am
Stripbuilders in the UK10/1/2001, 4:01 am
Which boats are similar to...9/30/2001, 10:24 pm
Betsie Bay vs. Superior Native Paddle9/29/2001, 7:45 pm
More Rendezvous Pictures9/29/2001, 7:39 am
laminate vs. one-piece paddle9/29/2001, 12:33 am
A native paddle question9/29/2001, 12:13 am
Mounting Footpegs9/29/2001, 12:05 am
Rounding over deck edges9/28/2001, 11:33 pm
spraying epoxy ?9/28/2001, 5:29 pm
Deck sheerline9/28/2001, 2:50 pm
Collapsible(?), Cheap(?), Kayak idea9/28/2001, 1:21 pm
coaming9/28/2001, 11:23 am
wood selection9/28/2001, 8:16 am
Spray foam9/27/2001, 3:42 pm
Kayak paddle ferrules9/27/2001, 1:52 pm
my 3 pieces weighs 24 kg9/27/2001, 12:50 pm
Glued Minicell Seat Question9/27/2001, 10:46 am
Skin Boat School info?9/27/2001, 2:06 am
internal strongback9/26/2001, 9:24 pm
emerson kayak company9/26/2001, 8:55 pm
Footpeg Choices9/26/2001, 8:32 pm
rendezvous *Pic*9/26/2001, 7:39 pm
Medium and Small Skeg. *Pic*9/26/2001, 4:49 pm
Hatches9/26/2001, 11:24 am
Kneehook 2.03 *Pic*9/26/2001, 11:16 am
From a distance...... *Pic*9/25/2001, 9:30 pm
Linseed oil combustion test9/25/2001, 4:55 pm
low density polyethylene skin9/25/2001, 3:45 pm
Strip Built Using Foam Instead of wood?9/25/2001, 2:17 pm
Inland Red Cedar vs. Western Red Cedar9/25/2001, 12:45 pm
Eleven Down ? to Go *Pic*9/25/2001, 12:43 pm
Creases in fiberglass cloth9/25/2001, 12:31 pm
My Sprint Kayak / Name that boat! :) *Pic*9/24/2001, 9:56 pm
Skeg *Pic*9/24/2001, 5:14 pm
Seat placement9/24/2001, 3:22 pm
rain and curing epoxy9/24/2001, 2:06 pm
glass as scrapers9/24/2001, 1:39 pm
Automotive finishes for Kayaks9/24/2001, 1:36 pm
sharpening scrapers9/24/2001, 1:29 pm
enlarging original Guillemot forms9/24/2001, 12:24 pm
fiberglass weave9/24/2001, 9:17 am
some ideas about a 3-pieces boat9/24/2001, 7:34 am
table saw question9/23/2001, 11:29 pm
Atlantic 19 *Pic*9/23/2001, 6:17 pm
sigh... *Pic*9/23/2001, 5:52 pm
just practicing posting pic *Pic*9/23/2001, 4:04 pm
Kayak epoxy and bubbles9/23/2001, 11:20 am
Thanks for your help!9/22/2001, 11:14 pm
Venture 149/22/2001, 6:08 pm
Newfound Rendezvous *Pic*9/22/2001, 11:29 am
s&g guillemot *Pic*9/22/2001, 9:42 am
Broken paddle blues - OT venting9/21/2001, 11:57 pm
a pic i hope *Pic*9/21/2001, 11:08 pm
6'4 - 290,,, which kayak to build9/21/2001, 8:01 pm
WTC Disaster9/21/2001, 2:59 pm
best way to finish the ends of a strip kayak???9/21/2001, 12:52 pm
Plywood sources near Chicago?9/21/2001, 9:27 am
Attn Guillemot owners who want more tracking *PIC*9/21/2001, 3:57 am
With Deepest Gratitude, God Bless you all9/20/2001, 6:07 pm
Anyone build a 11 foot Little Auk?9/20/2001, 5:48 pm
hands free bilge pumps?9/20/2001, 3:32 pm
Sailing rigs for kayaks9/20/2001, 2:25 pm
White Cedar or Northern White Cedar9/20/2001, 1:20 pm
varnish not adhering as well as I'd like9/20/2001, 11:40 am
Choosing a model to build - need input9/20/2001, 1:40 am
Speaking of Canoes ???9/19/2001, 9:19 pm
Canoe Paddle Material9/19/2001, 4:02 pm
Pine vs. redwood9/19/2001, 10:58 am
Knee brace9/18/2001, 4:53 pm
Just a Question9/18/2001, 10:20 am
Question for the skinners out there9/17/2001, 9:28 pm
Glassing suggestions for bulkheads, et al.9/17/2001, 7:14 pm
good foot peg sources and preferences?9/17/2001, 1:36 pm
How manouverable is a Guillemot Play?9/17/2001, 1:31 pm
satin paints anyone?9/17/2001, 12:25 pm
San Javier Kayaks9/17/2001, 12:14 pm
Polystyrene as boatbuilding foam?9/17/2001, 12:05 pm
Shearwater Merganser9/17/2001, 11:41 am
not marine standard Okume OK?9/17/2001, 9:23 am
Another Guillemot hits the water9/17/2001, 8:48 am
Skin-on-frame classes9/16/2001, 9:18 pm
my 3-pieces kayak *Pic*9/16/2001, 1:52 pm
canvas kayak9/16/2001, 1:45 pm
Norwalk, CT Aquarium S&G Classes9/16/2001, 9:14 am
Milling strips a day at a time...& thanks Nick!9/15/2001, 10:13 pm
Strip double suggestions9/15/2001, 9:19 pm
what do you see in the image ? *NM* *Pic*9/15/2001, 6:53 pm
just trying to post an image NT *NM* *Pic*9/15/2001, 5:56 pm
Uncomfotable!9/15/2001, 4:31 pm
gps. ot9/15/2001, 1:50 pm
source for northern white cedar in midwest9/15/2001, 1:17 pm
beating those winter blahs - bigtime9/15/2001, 9:30 am
Spray Skirt9/15/2001, 8:57 am
Fit out opinions?9/14/2001, 2:52 pm
Redmond Whisp Plans9/14/2001, 12:57 pm
Friday Night Candle Lighting (OT)9/14/2001, 11:09 am
OK it has been 2 years now9/14/2001, 10:51 am's a kayak9/14/2001, 3:26 am
It's more than an addiction, it's a total mindset9/14/2001, 3:20 am
Scorp *Pic*9/13/2001, 1:17 pm
About to join Guillemot Expedition9/13/2001, 11:10 am
R2K1 (Rough Water) Navigation Class Photos *Pic*9/13/2001, 10:51 am
jointer = shaper ?9/13/2001, 12:19 am
Cape Anne Sport vs.Redfish silver9/12/2001, 11:05 pm
guillemot single and expedition on same forms?9/12/2001, 8:03 pm
sanding frayed fiberglass9/12/2001, 3:05 pm
HUDSON LAST SATURDAY9/12/2001, 1:16 pm
Jay Babina's sculling article *Pic*9/12/2001, 12:40 pm
Source for lumber in california9/12/2001, 11:50 am
Recycling Painted Cedar9/12/2001, 12:25 am
Newfound Rendezvous Feedback9/11/2001, 5:32 pm
'Glassing the Deck *Pic*9/11/2001, 4:35 pm
Condolences9/11/2001, 10:58 am
Any Strippers in Delaware?9/11/2001, 9:58 am
Varnish Runnage9/10/2001, 10:35 pm
Sawyer Clearwater 5.59/10/2001, 9:31 pm
Redfish Silver9/10/2001, 9:19 pm
Is a little twist Ok?9/10/2001, 9:18 pm
Re: Georgian Bay9/10/2001, 5:27 pm
Cheap but good sandpaper source?9/10/2001, 2:51 pm
Launching *Pic*9/10/2001, 2:16 pm
The RIGHT mini-cell foam - Source?9/10/2001, 1:37 pm
Newfound Rendezvous Coming9/10/2001, 11:30 am
s&g guillemot9/10/2001, 10:40 am
Laughing Loon's Shooting Star.9/10/2001, 8:07 am
last try *Pic*9/9/2001, 10:58 pm
finally finished *Pic*9/9/2001, 10:42 pm
Kayak floatation9/9/2001, 8:40 pm
Georgian Bay9/9/2001, 5:34 pm
Redwood Strips9/9/2001, 5:27 pm
apprentice needed for free labor in GA9/9/2001, 8:36 am
where to get bungee clips?9/8/2001, 2:02 pm
A new method to build a kayak.......???9/8/2001, 1:26 am
looking for a tandem design9/7/2001, 7:20 pm
Hobie Mirage Drive info....9/7/2001, 1:43 pm
Identifying Glass Cloth9/7/2001, 1:16 pm
Removable bow stem?9/7/2001, 9:34 am
RACKING STRIPPERS9/7/2001, 8:34 am
Varnishing Problems - Bubbles9/6/2001, 11:56 pm
Cheaters ... Shaping The Pointed End9/6/2001, 8:58 pm
Too Hot9/6/2001, 7:19 pm
steamed cowling on cockpit9/6/2001, 5:16 pm
Hatch Rigging9/6/2001, 2:18 pm
Seat back9/6/2001, 12:27 pm
Smoothing inside seam rough edge?9/6/2001, 9:52 am
Wooden Boat Festival at Cold Spring, NY Sept. 159/6/2001, 9:36 am
Just Curious ... Thin Wood and Thick Glass9/6/2001, 5:26 am
Tall Paddler9/5/2001, 8:25 pm
All Carbon Wave Witch Kayak Building Photos!9/5/2001, 6:48 pm
Serious help needed :)9/5/2001, 6:25 pm
stripper reviews9/5/2001, 3:01 pm
New boat hits the water.9/5/2001, 2:38 pm
How do I find center of bouyancy w/o eng. degree9/5/2001, 2:07 pm
Flat aft decks9/5/2001, 1:14 pm
end pour question ??9/5/2001, 10:43 am
How much fiberglass for "Little Auk"9/5/2001, 10:39 am
Complete, Link to pic *Pic*9/5/2001, 8:42 am
bulkheads9/5/2001, 2:39 am
SoF book9/4/2001, 9:25 pm
Salted Sinuses9/4/2001, 5:55 pm
Plywood Walrus deck design help9/4/2001, 4:14 pm
Eastern Red Cedar question.9/4/2001, 2:45 pm
deck-hull taping s&g?9/4/2001, 12:06 pm
Which kit to build?9/4/2001, 11:19 am
Yakima vs Keepers9/4/2001, 10:26 am
16' stripper9/4/2001, 9:16 am
do I need a rudder?9/4/2001, 9:05 am
BWCA trip and flaws in my kayak *Pic*9/4/2001, 8:59 am
Why not a sit-on-top pedal-powered stripper?9/4/2001, 2:06 am
Wooden Padeyes Problem??9/4/2001, 12:05 am
Where can I find closed cell foam for bulkheads?9/3/2001, 11:37 pm
Interior seam tape techniques?9/3/2001, 11:25 pm
Mr. Roberts and real-world failure data9/3/2001, 1:09 pm
glue9/3/2001, 11:59 am
ADMIN! At Mr Robert's Request 9/3/2001, 9:40 am
Leg comfort9/3/2001, 1:57 am
Interesting questions9/3/2001, 1:04 am
polymer plastic staples, nails and tools9/2/2001, 8:57 pm
kayak commuting on NPR9/2/2001, 8:16 pm
design advice9/2/2001, 5:30 pm
Guillemot or OneOcean?9/2/2001, 3:45 pm
glue for foam...9/2/2001, 2:05 pm
link?9/2/2001, 10:53 am
looking for input9/2/2001, 10:33 am
Redfish Return Station 169/1/2001, 1:36 pm
looking for link9/1/2001, 12:00 pm
PVC frame9/1/2001, 11:11 am
Racing kayak?9/1/2001, 10:37 am
fiberglass8/31/2001, 11:25 pm
Launch of the Raven *Pic*8/31/2001, 9:30 pm
microballons8/31/2001, 8:35 pm
New R2K1 Photos8/31/2001, 7:46 pm
Paddle Holder8/31/2001, 6:58 pm
Great Lakes paddling? (OT - paddling not building)8/31/2001, 5:34 pm
building and storing8/31/2001, 5:07 pm
bungee source?8/31/2001, 3:11 pm
Painting dacron fabric8/31/2001, 10:17 am
Taping interior hull seams8/31/2001, 7:07 am
Funny, OT, Ark building 2001 (boats oif sorts)8/31/2001, 1:01 am
Sources on Vancouver Island8/30/2001, 8:05 pm
posting pix like this?8/30/2001, 6:34 pm
The Ultimate Wet Exit. A standing Summersault! *NM* *Pic*8/30/2001, 4:43 pm
Float bags for SOF boat?8/30/2001, 12:39 pm
Mike Hanks, Plywood walrus question8/30/2001, 11:43 am
Design One, Whitewater Kayak *Pic*8/30/2001, 11:09 am
Listen up! There'll be no plastic yaks round here! *NM* *Pic*8/30/2001, 2:51 am
Sea Kayaker Skin-on-Frame Plans8/29/2001, 10:20 pm
Detail Photos from R2K18/29/2001, 10:03 pm
Guillemots in Michigan8/29/2001, 9:27 pm
John Monfoe8/29/2001, 7:33 pm
Foot Brace Kits ?8/29/2001, 5:29 pm
Foot Brace Kits ?8/29/2001, 5:20 pm
Another almost GB *Pic*8/29/2001, 3:33 pm
News Flash!8/29/2001, 3:31 pm
Celtic veneer inlays8/29/2001, 3:29 pm
Posting Pix *Pic*8/29/2001, 3:20 pm
Posting Pictures8/29/2001, 1:25 pm
Layup question8/29/2001, 12:29 pm
Type of Wood8/29/2001, 9:32 am
sof design question8/28/2001, 9:31 pm
GB Progress8/28/2001, 8:14 pm
Seattle Fabrics8/28/2001, 6:15 pm
Varnish Question8/28/2001, 4:59 pm
R2K2-no early reservations8/28/2001, 1:06 pm
Me, Max, and My Mess *Pic*8/28/2001, 10:31 am
Kayak-building Mentor8/28/2001, 9:06 am
R2K1 Pictures are ready *Pic*8/27/2001, 6:23 pm
closed cell foam8/27/2001, 4:57 pm
Maiden Voyage8/27/2001, 9:37 am
Last minute check8/27/2001, 9:30 am
Plywood8/27/2001, 8:43 am
carrying straps8/26/2001, 3:28 pm
Is there a quicker way?8/26/2001, 1:56 am
San Javier double vs Shearwater double8/26/2001, 1:52 am
Two-Too-Kool :) O.T. *Pic*8/25/2001, 8:48 pm
the deck has flatend!!8/25/2001, 2:07 pm
How much sanding...?8/25/2001, 11:16 am
crunch time8/24/2001, 8:26 pm
More on R2K28/24/2001, 4:59 pm
Hybrid Baidarka is Finished! *Pic*8/24/2001, 3:24 pm
Drilling through endpour8/24/2001, 12:04 pm
R2K1 Photos8/23/2001, 9:26 pm
Three cheers for Raka Marine :D8/23/2001, 7:44 pm
First launch (belated note)8/23/2001, 3:16 pm
gluing deck beams?8/23/2001, 11:14 am
Mixing epoxy, weight vs. volume8/23/2001, 12:20 am
Thanks to R2K1... A new Kayaker :)8/22/2001, 11:57 pm
Herreshoff's Double-Paddle Canoe8/22/2001, 10:23 pm
What type of paint??8/22/2001, 9:28 pm
R2K1 Photos *Pic*8/22/2001, 6:28 pm
boat stronger than rack8/22/2001, 11:33 am
How long after painting?8/22/2001, 9:55 am
Keeping the weight down8/21/2001, 10:33 pm
pigmented epoxy?8/21/2001, 9:25 pm
Japanese Hand Saws8/21/2001, 4:30 pm
PVC frame for folding boat?8/21/2001, 3:44 pm
Double choices ????to build8/21/2001, 12:25 pm
Some suggestions for R2K28/21/2001, 12:18 pm
Which kayak - My Info.8/21/2001, 12:09 pm
Calling John Doornink...8/21/2001, 11:55 am
1. Glass folds 2. VPC hacth8/21/2001, 10:26 am
just paint8/21/2001, 9:54 am
steaming wrc?8/21/2001, 12:03 am
Hudson River Event to Celebrate Handmade Boats8/20/2001, 8:40 pm
WetDawg??8/20/2001, 6:38 pm
Tell us more about the Redfish King!8/20/2001, 4:59 pm
Which kayak??8/20/2001, 4:44 pm
c18/20/2001, 3:18 pm
Outgassing/ Large Bubbles/Cured Epoxy8/20/2001, 7:27 am
R2K18/20/2001, 1:15 am
NEED SOME GUIDANCE8/19/2001, 11:13 pm
Tippy Kayak8/19/2001, 11:08 pm
hooked newcomer8/19/2001, 3:02 pm
kayak shed options8/19/2001, 1:11 pm
Anyone made a sprint kayak???8/19/2001, 12:04 am
boat lumber8/18/2001, 11:22 pm
DIY folding kayak?8/18/2001, 8:20 am
The REAL test8/17/2001, 7:22 pm
Homemade neoprene sprayskirts8/17/2001, 1:16 pm
hatch gaskets8/17/2001, 1:10 pm
River or sport kayaks8/17/2001, 1:32 am
Sound solution8/16/2001, 11:36 pm
Arctic Tern Update8/16/2001, 10:30 pm
Shop photos-Show us more!8/16/2001, 10:23 pm
Sea Bright Kayaks8/16/2001, 4:24 pm
wood strip paranoia8/16/2001, 1:49 pm
Depth question8/16/2001, 12:52 pm
Paul Lund: How do I soak tape8/16/2001, 12:23 pm
14' or 17'8/16/2001, 11:55 am
Thanks up front to Joe8/16/2001, 11:39 am
Yak Pack *Pic*8/16/2001, 11:12 am
Dog on a Stick?????8/16/2001, 9:47 am
Bulkheads installed *Pic*8/16/2001, 9:03 am
Damage report8/16/2001, 5:59 am
skin skinny?8/15/2001, 9:02 pm
Speed boat *Pic*8/15/2001, 5:30 pm
Velcro - sticks to everything but my yak8/15/2001, 12:59 am
Kayak cart8/14/2001, 6:22 pm
Yes8/14/2001, 4:17 pm
Fir Plywood8/14/2001, 2:50 pm
Now I REALLY need help with a skirt8/14/2001, 6:00 am
To Sun or Not To Sun...8/14/2001, 12:20 am
Opinion of Volkskayak?8/13/2001, 10:58 pm
Wal-Mart canvas8/13/2001, 6:24 pm
Anybody bringing a Night Heron to R2K1?8/13/2001, 11:45 am
And More Meet at the Beach Pictures *Pic*8/13/2001, 10:06 am
15' single man fiber glass kyak8/13/2001, 9:49 am
Can you paint then glass?8/13/2001, 12:55 am
Bubble boat Shop?8/12/2001, 2:49 pm
HELP- with outer stem question8/12/2001, 10:39 am
finishing abandoned project8/11/2001, 5:14 pm
free plans s&g8/11/2001, 4:34 am
Cheap Compass *Pic*8/11/2001, 3:08 am
Sugestions for redwood dookie schmooze8/10/2001, 11:22 pm
Get Thee To A Yard Sale! *Pic*8/10/2001, 8:27 pm
sanding8/10/2001, 7:37 pm
Choice of wood8/10/2001, 7:00 pm
Choice of wood8/10/2001, 6:59 pm
flush deck hardware8/10/2001, 10:08 am
More Meet at the Beach Pictures *Pic*8/10/2001, 9:59 am
Mill Creek Fiberglass Question8/10/2001, 8:29 am
Two Paddles Short of a Boat Ride O.T.8/10/2001, 2:50 am
Outer Island in Port Townsend??8/9/2001, 11:22 pm
Sources for Neoprene tape?8/9/2001, 4:09 pm
Cape Ann Storm builders8/9/2001, 2:41 pm
Argh! Sanded through veneer layer on S&G deck8/9/2001, 2:16 pm
Cutting Strips8/9/2001, 10:04 am
Newfound Rendezvous *Pic*8/9/2001, 8:59 am
Sanded through epoxy8/9/2001, 12:43 am
Fiberglass on Internet8/8/2001, 8:11 pm
glue for minicell8/8/2001, 4:22 pm
Footbrace attachment8/8/2001, 1:37 pm
Opinion on Sea Kayaker S&G8/8/2001, 12:58 pm
Paddle Float rigging8/8/2001, 11:47 am
Greenland paddle review??8/8/2001, 11:31 am
Epoxy bubbles8/8/2001, 4:20 am
Trippstripp *Pic*8/8/2001, 1:14 am
Paddling the Dream Weaver *Pic*8/7/2001, 6:14 pm
BONDO brand epoxy resin8/7/2001, 4:24 pm
No paddle? No float? No problem... *Pic*8/7/2001, 4:18 pm
varnishing pointers needed8/7/2001, 1:46 pm
Help with Design??8/7/2001, 12:21 pm
Wetting out glass tape8/7/2001, 11:52 am
Coating worn neoprene coated dacron8/7/2001, 11:21 am
Bugs in epoxy - Slightly OT *Pic*8/7/2001, 8:41 am
Deck cleats8/7/2001, 1:36 am
Nother Boat Show: Sun Valley, Idaho This Wknd8/7/2001, 12:55 am
Source for seats?8/6/2001, 10:16 pm
Wooden Boat Artistry8/6/2001, 4:47 pm
Kevlar skin on frame?8/6/2001, 2:01 pm
Fiber Glass boat repair (OT)8/6/2001, 1:21 pm
Re: My little Patriot Missle8/6/2001, 9:59 am
Re: My little Patriot Missle8/6/2001, 9:59 am
Re: My little Patriot Missle8/6/2001, 9:33 am
Sharp bow8/6/2001, 2:01 am
epoxy question?8/6/2001, 12:55 am
Hi Everyone!8/6/2001, 12:42 am
Scarfing8/6/2001, 12:04 am
Night Heron8/5/2001, 10:54 pm
wax removal8/5/2001, 8:26 pm
The fleet *Pic*8/5/2001, 3:43 pm
WILD!!!!! *NM*8/5/2001, 3:37 pm
Kent, I Salute you *NM*8/5/2001, 3:01 pm
Re: My little Patriot Missle8/5/2001, 2:18 pm
I'm Almost Finished...8/5/2001, 2:13 pm
Bender plywood8/5/2001, 9:33 am
Going Fishing8/4/2001, 9:27 pm
Larch for stripping?8/4/2001, 2:39 pm
How smooth is smooth8/4/2001, 2:30 pm
Varnish Polish8/4/2001, 1:22 pm
Performance Testing the GE..It passed8/4/2001, 11:51 am
Aft deck height on a Seguin?8/4/2001, 10:08 am
sprint or marathon designs8/4/2001, 7:01 am
Yak rack road tested. *Pic*8/4/2001, 5:39 am
Motor mounts for canoe8/4/2001, 2:54 am
The Osprey - HP8/3/2001, 11:11 pm
Kayak Canoe Locking Systems- Dealers wanted *Pic*8/3/2001, 10:08 pm
How to do end pour?8/3/2001, 8:06 pm
Mission accomplished! *Pic*8/3/2001, 7:25 pm
glassing hull8/3/2001, 5:12 pm
Question for Jay, Sculling Up8/3/2001, 2:10 pm
Pygmy Deck Recess8/3/2001, 1:20 pm
Modified Auk8/3/2001, 10:15 am
Doorskins8/3/2001, 10:05 am
Varnish - Not for use below the waterline8/3/2001, 9:42 am
Taping the seams8/3/2001, 9:05 am
Asymetric Greenland Paddle Test8/3/2001, 9:02 am
Would you buy a Kayak?8/3/2001, 8:41 am
performance "stitch and glue"8/3/2001, 3:01 am
Welcome The Raven (long)8/3/2001, 1:46 am
bending w/ steam / heat8/2/2001, 4:23 pm
Meet at the Beach Pictures *Pic*8/2/2001, 3:03 pm
U-bolt in end pour8/2/2001, 2:56 pm
Free Old Red Wood cedar8/2/2001, 11:42 am
strip-built kayak review part deux!8/2/2001, 9:50 am
Storage racks8/2/2001, 9:07 am
Rack Update + question. *Pic*8/2/2001, 8:06 am
Hot glue specifics8/2/2001, 6:58 am
Calling all Outer Island Owners8/2/2001, 6:18 am
Paddle Holder for Single Paddles ?8/2/2001, 3:23 am
11' x 18' Shop Space8/1/2001, 3:15 pm
strip built kayak reviews8/1/2001, 2:20 pm
Intro, and Where's Cat's Paw site?8/1/2001, 1:57 pm
seam tape8/1/2001, 11:48 am
can someone point me to leidy lids8/1/2001, 11:16 am
Wool or Cotton ?8/1/2001, 9:55 am
recessed fittings -drill, table saw, hand tools *Pic*8/1/2001, 7:48 am
Herringbone accent strip8/1/2001, 12:39 am
number of strips7/31/2001, 7:38 pm
attaching vcp's7/31/2001, 7:17 pm
Paddle shaft sanding block *Pic*7/31/2001, 5:42 pm
Ron Folland7/31/2001, 5:12 pm
Blade shape... elementary question7/31/2001, 4:53 pm
Kayak building stands7/31/2001, 8:13 am
Spidey's wiping + Rob's brushing worked for me *Pic*7/31/2001, 5:50 am
I think I'm gonna make it...7/31/2001, 12:42 am
Which boat?7/30/2001, 11:00 pm
who is John Hoch ? (sectional kayak)7/30/2001, 5:21 pm
Fillet7/30/2001, 3:14 pm
Shaping Forms7/30/2001, 2:31 pm
Canoe Stripper plans7/30/2001, 1:53 pm
Guinness World Record *Pic*7/30/2001, 11:35 am
Rack progress *Pic*7/30/2001, 6:09 am
Waxing kayaks7/29/2001, 9:36 pm
sound advise7/29/2001, 5:18 pm
resin hardening in the can7/29/2001, 9:29 am
Re: Mr. Roberts7/28/2001, 10:04 pm
Hiding Staple Holes???7/28/2001, 8:57 pm
Wet sanding and varnishing.7/28/2001, 5:42 am
Boat fof me?7/28/2001, 1:09 am
HELP!7/28/2001, 12:36 am
Skirt for clc7/27/2001, 10:14 am
The Eye Of Horus *Pic*7/27/2001, 8:23 am
Prism *Pic*7/27/2001, 8:19 am
Hull Glassed. Lets try again *Pic*7/26/2001, 9:03 pm
lesons near nyc7/26/2001, 10:37 am
Sanding epoxy before finish tip...7/26/2001, 10:19 am
Link7/26/2001, 9:41 am
Recreational Yak Plans?7/26/2001, 9:40 am
Recreational Yak Plans?7/26/2001, 9:12 am
Mountain Blue --- second test flight *Pic*7/26/2001, 7:05 am
Hull is Glassed *Pic*7/25/2001, 11:33 pm
better-looking knob for knob-closed hatch *Pic*7/25/2001, 9:26 pm
Paddle Rehab *Pic*7/25/2001, 7:22 pm
varnish over exposed cloth?7/25/2001, 4:17 pm
Nick, sorry to bother you but.....7/25/2001, 1:45 pm
Varnishing.7/25/2001, 6:28 am
Hatch Lip seal channel7/25/2001, 5:33 am
To glass or not to glass. That's the S&G ?7/25/2001, 1:26 am
progress again *Pic*7/24/2001, 7:52 pm
yahoo-ed7/24/2001, 7:40 pm
progress *Pic*7/24/2001, 7:36 pm
NPR Kayak story on July 317/24/2001, 6:17 pm
end mold to extension connection method Nick - Rob7/24/2001, 1:27 pm
Finished Photos Hybrid Chesapeake 16's *Pic*7/24/2001, 10:05 am
Sealing under keel7/24/2001, 9:23 am
greenland a wing paddle?7/24/2001, 7:02 am
fiberglass print through7/23/2001, 11:58 pm
Kayak Mold7/23/2001, 11:21 pm
melon seed plans7/23/2001, 11:01 pm
Build a paddle,ferrule,carbon-sorta long7/23/2001, 9:42 pm
how long do ya wait?7/23/2001, 8:57 pm
Cape Charles Plans7/23/2001, 1:27 pm
Which Comes First: the hatches or the varnish?7/23/2001, 12:17 pm
R2K1 Travelers from S. California7/23/2001, 10:32 am
Launching "Spike" *Pic*7/23/2001, 9:38 am
canvas kayak7/23/2001, 9:29 am
Loop de'Loop or Hold onto Your Yak!!7/22/2001, 9:28 pm
cracked strongback... decided to start over7/22/2001, 8:10 pm
Launch Day.... *Pic*7/22/2001, 3:04 pm
Roof Rack Model shows problems *Pic*7/22/2001, 9:23 am
STYROFOAM KAYAK?7/22/2001, 1:25 am
Abalone or a buncha baloney???7/21/2001, 5:42 pm
strips moved on Guillemot kayak - Problem?7/21/2001, 1:02 pm
Progress Pic *Pic*7/21/2001, 4:52 am
finish cancer?7/21/2001, 12:17 am
(Off subject ) TV now has something good to watch7/20/2001, 9:30 pm
Spray Foam for filling in air pockets.7/20/2001, 6:06 pm
Santa Maria - appropriate for strips?7/20/2001, 4:43 pm
Gutter less car rack holder designed by Gorden *Pic*7/20/2001, 5:38 am
mold release agent for seating hatches7/19/2001, 2:28 pm
To precoat or not to precoat....7/19/2001, 2:19 pm
Surprised by darkening wood7/19/2001, 2:12 pm
footpegs, rudder controls and seasocks7/19/2001, 3:23 am
Wood Gold Mine Pictures *Pic*7/18/2001, 7:54 pm
Putty won't stay putt!7/18/2001, 7:05 pm
Rudder Plans7/18/2001, 5:53 pm
!RUSS-like lumberyard story7/18/2001, 1:39 pm
test flight *Pic*7/18/2001, 1:36 am
Glue Removal ... When Should I Do It?7/17/2001, 10:46 pm
Flush hatch spacers7/17/2001, 2:02 pm
New Glue7/17/2001, 1:32 pm
western red cedar7/17/2001, 1:10 pm
cove and beaad along sheerline?7/17/2001, 12:54 pm
Where are pics of the "Meet at the Beach?"7/17/2001, 8:49 am
S&G 101 Questions7/17/2001, 8:45 am
canvas kayak7/17/2001, 8:20 am
Woodenboat Show7/17/2001, 8:11 am
Shearwater Baidarka7/17/2001, 1:51 am
Canvas covering7/16/2001, 8:54 pm
Glueing Rub Strips7/16/2001, 2:01 pm
Re: Mr. Roberts7/16/2001, 12:00 pm
Restoration of old fiberglass ww kayak7/16/2001, 9:51 am
Duct Tape Adhesive Removal?7/16/2001, 7:51 am
Spray Skirt Address?7/16/2001, 6:46 am
Laugh ing Loon Shooting Star7/16/2001, 6:23 am
Glueing Rub Strip7/16/2001, 4:13 am
CLC plans7/16/2001, 12:59 am
Modified Great Auk...just about done *Pic*7/16/2001, 12:12 am
PHOTOPPOINT.COM Down :( Hope it's up soon... *NM*7/15/2001, 9:29 pm
Does anyone know of a Kempock kayak ?7/15/2001, 8:33 pm
Central Oregon paddling *Pic*7/15/2001, 1:35 pm
Why Hatches?7/15/2001, 11:11 am
Touching Up Finish on Old Wood Kayak7/15/2001, 8:37 am
Building my coaming *Pic*7/15/2001, 4:20 am
Building my coaming *Pic*7/15/2001, 4:11 am
I took the Albatross out for another spin7/15/2001, 2:21 am
water based varnish7/14/2001, 4:20 pm
Hatch Placement on Guillemot Expedition7/14/2001, 3:30 pm
Buffalo HydroFest Details7/14/2001, 12:41 pm
Adding color layer between coats of spar varnish7/13/2001, 10:48 pm
Flares7/13/2001, 10:34 pm
something to keep you busy while in dry dock7/13/2001, 8:41 pm
Fiber reiforcement material spec's7/13/2001, 2:45 pm
Colouring wood strips7/13/2001, 2:02 pm
Crikey I think Im going to build a strip-built k7/13/2001, 10:04 am
Epoxy over Paint7/12/2001, 11:49 pm
Valspar varnish7/12/2001, 10:43 pm
Strip Adhesive7/12/2001, 3:26 pm
Materials, Please Help!7/12/2001, 12:30 pm
System 3 Spar Varnish7/12/2001, 10:47 am
s&g questions7/11/2001, 10:17 pm
Shock cord7/11/2001, 9:32 pm
Epoxy/firberglass$7/11/2001, 8:55 pm
Help with decision7/11/2001, 4:49 pm
Chesapeake Hull Strength7/10/2001, 10:18 pm
Ride Sharing to R2K1 from SOCAL7/10/2001, 4:34 pm
Brass Carry Rings?7/10/2001, 10:12 am
Hatch leash *Pic*7/10/2001, 7:43 am
Mold for wiping coaming. *Pic*7/10/2001, 6:12 am
Need a seat for a COHO7/10/2001, 1:04 am
Kid Kayak Needed7/10/2001, 12:10 am
Storm Damaged Frame... ugh!!!7/9/2001, 6:49 pm
Stapleless Construction....Yikes! (long)7/9/2001, 4:22 pm
World record - which day? 1-dayers please vote.7/9/2001, 2:18 pm
PU Paint for a wood Sprint K1 - STRUER7/9/2001, 1:30 pm
TP to remove excess epoxy7/9/2001, 12:21 pm
Fiberglass help! Nick or ?7/9/2001, 8:45 am
Hiding White Spots & Mistakes.7/9/2001, 5:52 am
thanks guys for the help7/9/2001, 4:36 am
Making Big BUCKS Legally7/9/2001, 1:11 am
Kayak carrier7/8/2001, 5:26 pm
Kayak classroom project7/8/2001, 3:54 pm
chapleau crown game preserve7/8/2001, 3:54 pm
Do they break?7/8/2001, 12:39 am
How do I get started?7/7/2001, 12:55 pm
folding kayak plans7/7/2001, 11:52 am
folding kayak plans7/7/2001, 11:50 am
Never built a Kayak, but I would like too7/7/2001, 3:48 am
Helpful reading7/6/2001, 2:21 pm
Guillemot Accessories7/6/2001, 12:33 pm
Georgian Bay Launch *Pic*7/6/2001, 10:25 am
Form-a-gasket release agent?7/6/2001, 9:20 am
Tool Question (slightly off topic)7/6/2001, 7:58 am
Sanding/varnish question7/5/2001, 11:54 pm
scarf jig ?7/5/2001, 7:16 pm
Guillemot double shear strip length7/5/2001, 6:58 pm
Damage to interior after tipping or rolling7/5/2001, 3:33 pm
Poplar7/5/2001, 12:59 pm
broke a cheek plate for the 2nd time7/5/2001, 11:31 am
Canadian Canoe and Kayak Festival7/4/2001, 9:07 pm
Stich & Glue Canoe7/4/2001, 2:45 pm
happy independence day :)7/4/2001, 8:48 am
one piece keel7/4/2001, 7:51 am
Testing with "" pictures *Pic*7/4/2001, 5:03 am
epoxy filler7/3/2001, 9:57 pm
Fiberglass Seaming Question7/3/2001, 7:56 pm
Knee brace question for Pygmy boat owners *Pic*7/3/2001, 7:38 pm
Trade white cedar for red cedar7/3/2001, 8:48 am
Lengthening a Mill Creek 16.57/3/2001, 8:12 am
This is a PhotoPoint test. *Pic*7/3/2001, 6:44 am
Tyne Folder : Sail Rigging etc.?7/3/2001, 5:01 am
Another wood question7/3/2001, 1:56 am
I need to be straightened out.7/3/2001, 12:45 am
Coating for nylon skin7/2/2001, 11:27 pm
Panache - Launch *Pic*7/2/2001, 11:02 pm
Re: What is the world record?7/2/2001, 5:53 pm
Re: What is the world record?7/2/2001, 5:51 pm
Another Combing Question7/2/2001, 4:44 pm
glass layup7/2/2001, 2:01 pm
wood kayak on billboard in NY7/2/2001, 1:42 pm
Kayak Skin Selection7/2/2001, 9:39 am
scarf?7/2/2001, 8:47 am
Bending Plywood for Cockpit Coaming7/2/2001, 3:03 am
Arctic Tern completed7/2/2001, 1:41 am
Arctic Tern completed7/2/2001, 1:37 am
Combing help needed7/1/2001, 9:12 pm
Merganser 17W Launch *Pic*7/1/2001, 7:41 pm
Merganser 17W Launch *Pic*7/1/2001, 7:38 pm
Red Cedar weight variation7/1/2001, 5:04 pm
Guillemot ES makes front page!7/1/2001, 3:53 pm
Kayaking and shoulder problem7/1/2001, 1:00 pm
Slow Varnish7/1/2001, 10:48 am
Varnish???7/1/2001, 5:22 am
Sailing Rig Instructions7/1/2001, 4:13 am
taking hull lines6/30/2001, 10:04 pm
Local Canvas Covering6/30/2001, 6:12 pm
response to LeeG6/30/2001, 10:18 am
Feature Strip Progress *Pic*6/30/2001, 1:42 am
Surfyak?6/29/2001, 8:29 pm
filling the weave6/29/2001, 7:29 pm
pygmy plans6/29/2001, 6:54 pm
Keel Rocker?6/29/2001, 11:29 am
Re: No staple method6/29/2001, 9:59 am
Re: No staple method6/29/2001, 9:57 am
Re: No staple method6/29/2001, 9:37 am
Re: No staple method *Pic*6/29/2001, 9:29 am
Re: No staple method6/29/2001, 8:23 am
Re: No staple method6/29/2001, 12:37 am
Another PhotoPoint Change :( O.T.6/28/2001, 11:00 pm
Internal Server I the only one?6/28/2001, 5:41 pm
Helicopter-tape6/28/2001, 4:06 pm
Fiberglass cloth all stressed out6/28/2001, 3:54 pm
Launch *Pic*6/28/2001, 2:47 pm
Roof Rack (Slightly Off-Topic)6/28/2001, 2:38 pm
glass cloth unravelling6/28/2001, 1:12 pm
Leidy hatch hold-downs6/28/2001, 7:43 am
CLC vs Pygmy...6/28/2001, 12:16 am
Which procedure6/27/2001, 11:10 pm
A little late, but......6/27/2001, 5:05 pm
When varnishing a paddle...6/27/2001, 1:10 pm
broken joint question6/27/2001, 1:08 pm
Woe is me.6/27/2001, 7:03 am
Best Jig saw for the job6/26/2001, 11:24 pm
Glassing a Guillemot - How Much Glass?6/26/2001, 11:19 pm
bungee cord source6/26/2001, 9:36 pm
Eliminating air bubbles6/26/2001, 4:17 pm
A Funny thing happened on my way to surface6/26/2001, 3:07 pm
wooden kayak6/26/2001, 1:34 pm
Insurance revisited6/26/2001, 10:32 am
The Ultimate Design -- a Wish List?6/26/2001, 10:23 am
A poor-man's roof rack6/26/2001, 10:21 am
Pasting Patterns Onto Forms6/26/2001, 1:41 am
Free Help to keep this sport healthy!6/25/2001, 11:07 pm
Anyone want to buy my strips?6/25/2001, 10:53 pm
Anyone want to buy my strips?6/25/2001, 10:51 pm
Bevelling Forms6/25/2001, 9:29 pm
Request for advice on Greenland paddle wood6/25/2001, 9:26 pm
wet wood: the soggy strip dilemma6/25/2001, 8:00 pm
The last coat - help6/25/2001, 6:59 pm
delurking6/25/2001, 9:39 am
Walrus gunwale height...6/24/2001, 11:56 pm
Guillemot "L" Launch *Pic*6/24/2001, 11:40 pm
GB launch day6/24/2001, 11:31 am
Thanks guys..... For a great saturday *NM*6/24/2001, 9:48 am
Re: Thanks Rob, Nick and Jay6/24/2001, 8:40 am
Re: Thanks Rob, Jay & Nick6/24/2001, 8:38 am
Walrus " Double-Open" Progress *Pic*6/24/2001, 5:16 am
deck rigging / foot braces6/24/2001, 12:13 am
Underdeck netting source?6/23/2001, 10:39 pm
single or double6/23/2001, 8:20 pm
meet at the beach6/23/2001, 7:35 pm
Why use a greenland style paddle?6/23/2001, 4:11 pm
Request for advice on stitch and glue kits6/23/2001, 3:38 pm
Canvas covering?6/23/2001, 11:41 am
Unusual problem6/23/2001, 10:01 am
epoxy question6/23/2001, 9:48 am
Progress Report6/22/2001, 9:40 pm
Varnish on top of paint - discoloration?6/22/2001, 7:51 pm
saris roof racks6/22/2001, 6:46 pm
Spring Loaded Cam Cleats6/22/2001, 3:09 pm
Adapting a 3-section Romany design to a wood kay6/22/2001, 2:18 pm
Epoxy questions6/22/2001, 12:13 pm
Northstar6/22/2001, 10:19 am
Bluff Pt. Gathering6/22/2001, 8:27 am
Splish Splash, giving my X a bath ... *Pic*6/22/2001, 2:17 am
Plywood Hull/ Stripped Deck Progress *Pic*6/22/2001, 12:16 am
transporting 20 foot strips6/21/2001, 6:40 pm
Kayak seat6/21/2001, 6:33 pm
Hot weather effects6/21/2001, 3:56 pm
Broken Bird's Mouth II *Pic*6/21/2001, 3:40 pm
pump dispenser6/21/2001, 2:57 pm
Source for Plywood Physicals?6/21/2001, 9:04 am
Sea Spirit Launched *Pic*6/21/2001, 8:12 am
Kid kayak plans6/20/2001, 7:31 pm
varnish / urethane?6/20/2001, 11:41 am
Uncured Epoxy6/20/2001, 11:29 am
Varnish Questions6/20/2001, 10:58 am
Drip rings for Inuit/Aleut wood paddles???6/20/2001, 8:16 am
Sealline rudder pedal height6/20/2001, 7:45 am
Escaping the heat6/20/2001, 12:27 am
smoked glass kayak6/19/2001, 7:27 pm
Folbot Super recover hull6/19/2001, 5:01 pm
What is a good satin varnish?6/19/2001, 4:31 pm
System 2000 Epoxy6/19/2001, 2:19 pm
Kayak Catamaran6/19/2001, 12:51 pm
Broken Bird's Mouth Shaft6/19/2001, 11:45 am
Nick Shade - coaming award6/19/2001, 10:11 am
cockpit in woodenkayak6/19/2001, 3:41 am
Just Glassed Deck *Pic*6/18/2001, 9:10 pm
Cockpit opening when glassing deck6/18/2001, 6:05 pm
Raka Epoxy and Glass6/18/2001, 6:05 pm
Cutting out hatches6/18/2001, 5:26 pm
WANTED: Kayak Sail w/outrigger6/18/2001, 5:11 pm
Launch Day Reliance Tandem *Pic*6/18/2001, 2:05 pm
Varnishing the inside6/18/2001, 12:05 pm
Hatch opening aid6/18/2001, 12:02 pm
SEDA Glider6/18/2001, 11:01 am
Hatch leash6/18/2001, 10:49 am
Outer Island Launch6/18/2001, 9:42 am
North Star Launch *Pic*6/18/2001, 8:44 am
sheerclamp on the out side?6/17/2001, 9:10 pm
hot glue?6/17/2001, 2:15 pm
Blush6/16/2001, 10:38 pm
Meet at the beach!6/16/2001, 7:22 pm
Seeing the Light6/16/2001, 1:59 pm
Varnishing my Coho6/16/2001, 1:17 pm
Fiberglass Strength and Skeg? *Pic*6/15/2001, 4:48 pm
Further Adventures of James GB6/15/2001, 4:41 pm
Insurance Question6/15/2001, 9:20 am
Hatch advice6/14/2001, 6:40 pm
hatch vacuum6/14/2001, 5:55 pm
Canvas/plywood kayak6/14/2001, 4:31 pm
removing silicone from deck6/14/2001, 3:27 pm
One more pic *Pic*6/14/2001, 2:48 pm
James GB progress *Pic*6/14/2001, 2:31 pm
James GB progress6/14/2001, 2:30 pm
Kite Power!6/14/2001, 12:54 pm
Looking for stitch and glue, sea kayak plans6/14/2001, 11:27 am
Ionizer update6/14/2001, 10:26 am
varnish back in the can?6/14/2001, 9:04 am
Wood Types6/14/2001, 8:21 am
Skinning an X *Pic*6/14/2001, 2:34 am
Sprint boat plans?6/14/2001, 12:40 am
epoxy health effects6/14/2001, 12:34 am
Stitch and Glue Kayak6/13/2001, 8:38 pm
Where does one get construction instructions?6/13/2001, 7:49 pm
putting a bulk head in???6/13/2001, 5:53 pm
Recommended reading - Understanding Wood Finishing6/13/2001, 1:09 pm
Graphing the Diagonal - Guillemot6/13/2001, 12:51 pm
Glassing has begun....finally6/13/2001, 8:07 am
SOF - Greenland or Baidarka6/13/2001, 7:40 am
Buoy floatation *Pic*6/13/2001, 7:10 am
cockpit size6/12/2001, 10:36 pm
Bulkhead Survey6/12/2001, 6:07 pm
UK suppliers for stripwood6/12/2001, 3:09 pm
Baidarka Pic (I hope) *Pic*6/12/2001, 1:56 am
North Star/ Shooting Star6/12/2001, 12:29 am
yahoo.geocities6/11/2001, 10:16 pm
Spare Change6/11/2001, 9:35 pm
Long Lengths of Mahogany in Rhode Island !6/11/2001, 8:29 pm
Ionizer/Varnish question6/11/2001, 5:44 pm
My GB getting started...again!! *Pic*6/11/2001, 5:25 pm
Graphing Forms - Help6/11/2001, 12:46 pm
First Timer - - THANKS !!6/11/2001, 12:11 pm
Compass Idea6/10/2001, 12:11 pm
Keyhole Cockpit6/10/2001, 10:58 am
glue lines6/10/2001, 9:32 am
Re-varnishing/epoxying an 8 year old boat6/10/2001, 8:46 am
Did I make a mistake?6/9/2001, 11:30 pm
Epoxy over gelcoat?6/9/2001, 12:10 pm
Spring Run gets wet *Pic*6/9/2001, 11:59 am
pouring bow &stern6/9/2001, 7:56 am
Posting Pics6/9/2001, 3:48 am
Rub Rails6/8/2001, 9:14 pm
First Strip6/8/2001, 8:57 pm
Handcrafted boat value theory6/8/2001, 5:06 pm
Whitewater Stripper6/8/2001, 9:07 am
Almost there... *Pic*6/8/2001, 9:05 am
Mixing epoxy brands AND varnish ??6/8/2001, 8:03 am
bulkheads6/8/2001, 6:37 am
kayak shape/design?6/8/2001, 4:15 am
MAS or West System?6/8/2001, 1:12 am
Another one Down the skids *Pic*6/7/2001, 11:33 pm
Neoprene hatch covers?6/7/2001, 10:54 pm
2nd sealer coat or glass?6/7/2001, 10:45 pm
Peel Ply tape sources6/7/2001, 5:57 pm
Old Fiberglass Frontiersman(Rudder/Skeg/None?))6/7/2001, 3:02 pm
Building order: fiberglass or strip deck first6/7/2001, 1:36 pm
Temporary skeg.6/7/2001, 12:23 pm
Advice for spraying varnish needed6/7/2001, 11:44 am
Paddle Shafts6/7/2001, 9:41 am
Putz Walrus *Pic*6/7/2001, 8:19 am
Times up can I varnish next winter6/6/2001, 7:10 pm
block plaining concave curve6/6/2001, 2:39 pm
Varnish Question6/6/2001, 10:41 am
Through-the-Cockpit Internal Hatch Rig *Pic*6/6/2001, 8:54 am
Satalite View PT6/6/2001, 1:00 am
Bead and Cove source in Southern California ?6/6/2001, 12:39 am
pre-cut strip prices?6/5/2001, 8:34 pm
Guillemot L, She ROLLS *Pic*6/5/2001, 3:51 pm
Meet at the beach6/5/2001, 1:11 pm
I Want to Build First Kayak !!!! ADVICE ??6/5/2001, 12:24 pm
Buckles6/5/2001, 11:40 am
Lookin' for Fabric/Vinyl6/5/2001, 2:01 am
Maybe By My Fourth Boat6/4/2001, 8:29 pm
Paddle Rest?6/4/2001, 8:26 pm
Spring Run Launched. *Pic*6/4/2001, 4:57 pm
Side rescue yak--Picture 1 *Pic*6/4/2001, 3:55 pm
sectional kayaks6/4/2001, 1:42 pm
S&G Skin Hybrid?6/4/2001, 12:48 pm
Epoxy shelf life6/4/2001, 8:55 am
Brands of Duct Tape6/4/2001, 12:02 am
Seasock, bulkhead hatches?6/3/2001, 10:24 pm
Paddle blades6/3/2001, 7:35 pm
does g. dyson have a website? *NM*6/3/2001, 4:44 pm
Message to David Blodgett6/3/2001, 1:59 am
Flush mount hatch S&G6/2/2001, 11:21 pm
plans6/2/2001, 9:41 pm
paint vs. varnish6/2/2001, 7:23 pm
Seat for Fiberglass Kayak6/2/2001, 4:11 pm
Finish Question6/2/2001, 3:43 pm
Little Auk for large paddlers?6/2/2001, 1:17 am
Door skins... is it inside or outside?6/2/2001, 1:03 am
weight6/1/2001, 11:51 pm
Another Coaming Question6/1/2001, 11:47 pm
Oregon Registration6/1/2001, 10:11 pm
z-spar clear polyurethane6/1/2001, 5:44 pm
Nice Job!!6/1/2001, 11:31 am
Guillemot completed *Pic*6/1/2001, 9:51 am
Self Rescuing kayak --it works.6/1/2001, 6:48 am
staining and gluing5/31/2001, 11:41 pm
Dolphin 14.9 Easyrider Kelvar 495/31/2001, 11:21 pm
Canvas question5/31/2001, 10:05 pm
At least one boat is getting done *Pic*5/31/2001, 12:59 pm
Glue options5/31/2001, 12:40 am
Double *Pic*5/30/2001, 6:21 pm
Caribou as a S&G Design5/30/2001, 5:28 pm
Visible Glass Pattern?5/30/2001, 4:37 pm
raka epoxy5/29/2001, 9:26 pm
Questions for the North Westerlies OT5/29/2001, 12:46 pm
external stempiece5/26/2001, 3:18 pm
Mini Air Water Regulator5/25/2001, 6:21 am
Guzzler 4004/27/2001, 10:34 am
Anyone bringing an Outer Island to R2K14/6/2001, 3:58 pm
Broken Paddle - Repair Advice??3/27/2001, 12:19 am
Footpeg mounts redux3/8/2001, 2:32 pm
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