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Pygmy Deck Recess
Date: 8/3/2001, 1:20 pm

I have just finished the deck on my Arctic Tern 14 with the recessed deck. It is the only area where I have found the Pygmy instructions to be less than sterling. Here are the lessons I learned.

Bevel the back inside edge of the reinforcing wood strip at the back of the cockpit. The inside reinforcing patches of glass cloth will lay down much better. Mix some peanut butter epoxy and fill the inside of the deck where the recess "crescent" and the reinforcing strip come together. Between this and the bevel, the reinforcing patches of glass lay down and conform easily.

The reinforcing patches of glass for the deck recess need to be more than the 9 inches wide that Pygmy calls for. Stand the crescent up on its tips on a flat surface and measure the "height" of the crescent. It will be about 8 1/2 inches for the AT14. Now add two inches (for one inch of overlap at both the bow and stern ends of the crescent) and cut your first strip of clothó10 1/2 for the AT14. Now add another two inches for overlapping the first layer of cloth and you have the width of the second layer-12 1/2 inches. After you have both pieces epoxied in place, cut the excess as close to the deck as possible Ė I didnít and the weight of the cloth flapping in the breeze pulled the cloth away from the deck at the edges.

You will have to cut these reinforcing patches out of the bolt of glass cloth. The scraps arenít wide enough for even the 9 inch patch. Donít worry, there is plenty of cloth.