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Seattle Fabrics
Date: 8/28/2001, 6:15 pm

I read further down that Seattle fabrics has neoprene for sale and also has patterns for spray skirts I did a search and found their web site but can't find their actual address I plan on stopping by there next time I go south ,Can someone list the address and simple directions if I were coming from the north end of Seattle
Thanks Bert

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Seattle Fabrics
Bert -- 8/28/2001, 6:15 pm
Re: Spray Skirt Pattern
Chip Sandresky -- 8/29/2001, 12:36 pm
Re: Seattle Fabrics
mark Shiner -- 8/28/2001, 7:28 pm
Re: Seattle Fabrics
Shawn Baker -- 8/28/2001, 6:19 pm