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Hatch Lip seal channel
By:Ken Sutherland
Date: 7/25/2001, 5:33 am

I've made my hatch lips using the One Ocean Kayak method that looked so easy on Ross and Spidey's websites, the process seems to be going well. I used 1/8 X 3/8 neoprene gasket as a mold for the channel and will use 1/4 X 3/8 or 3/8 X 3/8 neoprene for my seal. The question that I have is, how do I get all the foam bits out of the channel in the lip? I've scraped most of the foam out but have a layer stuck to the epoxy. Should I have used a release agent of some sort, do I just need to use more elbow grease, or is there an easy way to remove the residual foam?



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Hatch Lip seal channel
Ken Sutherland -- 7/25/2001, 5:33 am
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