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good buys on planes
By:mike arnopol
Date: 10/15/2001, 6:28 pm

Getting ready to start my first kayak. Any ideas on inexpensive planes? The only use it would get would be on strip building. I know that some tools are not worth economizing on, (like my Bosch sabre saw and Fein sander)but for my uses, if a cheap plane would work, I'd rather save the $ .

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good buys on planes
mike arnopol -- 10/15/2001, 6:28 pm
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John B. -- 10/17/2001, 6:09 pm
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Roger Nuffer -- 10/18/2001, 2:54 am
Re: good buys on planes
Brian Nystrom -- 10/16/2001, 12:28 pm
Re: good buys on planes
Bob -- 10/15/2001, 8:30 pm
Re: good buys on planes
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 10/15/2001, 7:52 pm
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Dave Houser -- 10/15/2001, 8:19 pm