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Cockpit opening when glassing deck
Date: 6/18/2001, 6:05 pm

OK, I feel silly asking, but I've read the directions several times and just am not sure what to do here. I've glued the deck on and my next step is glassing it. I have the glass cut and laid out on the deck of my Osprey. Before I apply the epoxy though, what do I do with the cockpit opening? As it is right now, the opening is covered with cloth. Am I supposed to trim it before I epoxy? If so, how much of it would get wrapped around and under the edge of the cockpit? Thanks....

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Cockpit opening when glassing deck
Brion -- 6/18/2001, 6:05 pm
Re: Cockpit opening when glassing deck
Ben Staley -- 6/18/2001, 6:20 pm