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GB launch day
By:Jim Pace
Date: 6/24/2001, 11:31 am

I can't seem to get the hang of posting images, so here's a link to some pics of my launch day. Really pleased with everything about the Georgian Bay. Huge thanks to Rob M., Michael Vermouth over at Newfound Woodworks, Spidey (wherever you are)and all the good folks on this board. Plus I'd like to thank the academy, and...


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GB launch day
Jim Pace -- 6/24/2001, 11:31 am
What a great finish job!! *NM*
Rick M -- 6/28/2001, 3:51 am
All these beautiful new boats make me envious *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 6/25/2001, 3:46 pm
Re: Great boat, love the deck! can I copy it?
Tony -- 6/25/2001, 12:20 pm
Re: What to do.. go paddle!
Shawn Baker -- 6/25/2001, 12:42 pm
I concur with the man from Montana *NM*
Jim Pace -- 6/25/2001, 5:57 pm
Re: GB launch day
David Hanson -- 6/25/2001, 9:55 am
Re: GB launch day
daren neufeld -- 6/24/2001, 9:29 pm
Thanks! *NM*
Jim Pace -- 6/24/2001, 10:34 pm
Re: GB launch day
Larry C. -- 6/24/2001, 6:49 pm
Re: GB launch day
James Neely -- 6/24/2001, 11:49 am
Re: GB launch day
Jim Pace -- 6/24/2001, 10:31 pm
Fantastic boat and great Captions :)
!RUSS -- 6/24/2001, 6:49 pm
Re: Fantastic boat and great Captions :)
Jim Pace -- 6/24/2001, 10:20 pm