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Glue options
By:Kirk R
Date: 5/31/2001, 12:40 am

Hello everybody,

I have commenced with building a 17' skin on frame Walrus ala Putz and am making steady progress. I have decided to use redwood for the frame since it is readily available at a good cost and seems to have nearly the same properties structurally as pine.

So my question is what to do about the glue for the frame. I was going to use epoxy but got to looking at polyurethane glues which are much cheaper and seem a bit easier to work with. Does anybody have any experience with these types of glues for the frame on a skin on frame boat? I am concerned about how these glues hold up in water as well as their overall strength properties. Is this an area that I should be skimping on?

So far everything is going well with the forms. I scaled them down a bit to use less plywood. Im enjoying the process thus far and appreciate everyones advice.

Best regards,


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Glue options
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