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Recommended reading - Understanding Wood Finishing
By:Brian Nystrom
Date: 6/13/2001, 1:09 pm Bob Flexner. Though it's not a boatbuilding-specific text, it contains a lot of useful information that's applicable. The author goes to great pains to explain what various wood finishes actually are and how they work, and to debunk common myths about finishing. I learned more about varnishes and oils in an hour of skimming selected sections than I could find in all my other books combined. Now I understand why some things I've tried haven't worked as I'd hoped and how to avoid making mistakes in the future. Highly recommended.

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Recommended reading - Understanding Wood Finishing
Brian Nystrom -- 6/13/2001, 1:09 pm
I agree
Tony B -- 6/13/2001, 5:09 pm