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Old Fiberglass Frontiersman(Rudder/Skeg/None?))
Date: 6/7/2001, 3:02 pm

I have an old Fiberglass Frontiersman Sea Kayak. It was probably manufactured in Canada (New Westminster BC) around the late 1960's or early 1970's. Should I consider putting a rudder, skeg on it our should I just leave it as is? Can I build one? What is the big difference between a rudder and skeg? (performance wise?)

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Old Fiberglass Frontiersman(Rudder/Skeg/None?))
Warner -- 6/7/2001, 3:02 pm
Re: Old Fiberglass Frontiersman(Rudder/Skeg/None?)
Ron -- 6/10/2001, 1:37 am
new rudder on older boat?
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/8/2001, 4:09 am