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glue lines
By:Philip Miles
Date: 6/10/2001, 9:32 am

Two years into my kayak building project and all those seemingly insurmountable problems are just mere dust on the workshop floor, getting some nice shape as I sand...and sand....and sand...and sand some more. Now what looked like pencil marks in places between the strips are actually lines of glue where I didnt get the cove and bead strips absolutely tight, some of them I can crack through and fill others are quite firm. Do you cut these firm 'glue lines' out with a fine tooth saw or just leave them? Many thanks for your Help.

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glue lines
Philip Miles -- 6/10/2001, 9:32 am
Re: glue lines
Philip Miles -- 6/11/2001, 4:34 am
I'd leave them alone and get on with the glass
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/10/2001, 7:16 pm
Re: glue lines
Ronnie -- 6/10/2001, 10:26 am