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Strip Adhesive
By:Jim Kozel
Date: 7/12/2001, 3:26 pm

I'm about to commence building a Shooting Star. Has anyone tried using water resistant construction adhesive or waterproof contact cement via plastic syringe to bond the strips?
Pros: Strength and rapid self-tacking properties should be favorable. Self clamping after a few minutes.
Cons: Contact cement would have inadequate sheer strength? Construction adhesive too thick and heavy? Inadequate working time because both setup too quickly?

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Strip Adhesive
Jim Kozel -- 7/12/2001, 3:26 pm
Re: Strip Adhesive
John Monfoe -- 7/13/2001, 5:03 am
Biggest disadvantage is cost.
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/12/2001, 7:59 pm
Re: Strip Adhesive
Shawn Baker -- 7/12/2001, 6:20 pm
Re: Strip Adhesive
Jim Kozel -- 7/12/2001, 7:16 pm