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free plans s&g
Date: 8/11/2001, 4:34 am

Hello everybody,
has anybody built the kayak following the free s&g plans from guillemot??
Is there no other way to join the deck to the hull but taping the inside?
It sounds extremely akward. Arenīt several glas layers on the outside not enough?
Thanks for the inputs?

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free plans s&g
joaquin -- 8/11/2001, 4:34 am
Re: free plans s&g
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 8/13/2001, 10:09 am
Re: free plans s&g
joaquin -- 8/13/2001, 12:13 pm
Re: free plans s&g
Paul Lund -- 8/11/2001, 7:41 pm
glassing inside shear with roller
Dave W, -- 8/12/2001, 9:02 pm
Re: glassing inside shear with roller
Paul Lund -- 8/13/2001, 5:30 am
Re: taping the inner shear
Dean Trexel -- 8/11/2001, 3:18 pm