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progress again *Pic*
Date: 7/24/2001, 7:52 pm

Is there anybody in there? Ok so the pic doesnt show up but the link seems to work. Geez I gotta get back to the shop. This computer stuff is for people with too much time on there hands and an IQ over 20.

Keep Building, Elliott

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progress again *Pic*
Elliott -- 7/24/2001, 7:52 pm
!RUSS -- 7/25/2001, 12:01 pm
Elliott -- 7/25/2001, 2:22 pm
Re: progress again
daren neufeld -- 7/25/2001, 12:12 am
Re: progress again
Dave M -- 7/25/2001, 12:23 am
Re: progress again
Dave M -- 7/24/2001, 10:35 pm
Re: progress YET!! O.T.
Rehd -- 7/24/2001, 10:52 pm
Re: progress again
Rehd -- 7/24/2001, 8:43 pm