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Dog on a Stick?????
By:John Soberay
Date: 8/16/2001, 9:47 am

Get this....After glassing my hull, and letting it dry for a few days, i had accumulated quite a mess in the garage. I set the boat outside on the lawn to clean up, and, um, one of my many dog-owning neighbors (i live in a condo complex) was walking his little rat dog, and, well, THE THING PISSED ON THE BOAT!!!! THAT FREAKING DOG PISSED ON THE BOAT!!!!!!! Luckily the hull was upside down (i hadn't glassed the inside yet. THE DOG PISSED ON MY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THAT DOG! I'LL KEEL HAUL IT WHEN I FINISH THAT BOAT. I'LL SEND MIKE TYSON TO EAT THAT DOG'S CHILDREN. AAAAAHHHHHHH I SENSE A PROPHECY OF SCORN FOR ALL LOCAL WELSH CORGI'S. Unreal. If any of you have any good ideas in regards to the fate of that little rat-dog (such as keel hauling, or vending "Welsh Corgi on a Stick" on the streets of Cleveland),let me know.

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Dog on a Stick?????
John Soberay -- 8/16/2001, 9:47 am
Bright Side?
Bryan Sarauer -- 8/17/2001, 1:50 pm
Wash the boat with diluted vinegar
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/17/2001, 12:41 am
Yip Yip Yip all the way home
don -- 8/16/2001, 11:53 pm
Re: Dog on a Stick?????
Jim Pace -- 8/16/2001, 9:14 pm
Every dog has its day
Pete Notman -- 8/16/2001, 5:50 pm
Give the doggie a nice bowl of antifreeze *NM*
Dale Frolander -- 8/16/2001, 2:23 pm
Dog owner on a Stick?????
Doug K -- 8/16/2001, 12:11 pm
better than what I got!
Tony -- 8/16/2001, 11:36 am
Re: While the neighbor watched?!? (OT)
Don Beale -- 8/16/2001, 11:27 am
Re: Dog on a Stick?????
Elliot -- 8/16/2001, 11:14 am
Re: Dog on a Stick?????
LeeG -- 8/16/2001, 11:02 am
Dog on a Stick? == paddle float :) *NM*
Ross Leidy -- 8/16/2001, 10:35 am
fiberglass encapsulated doggie boat-anchor *NM*
Malcolm Schweizer -- 8/16/2001, 10:18 am