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Pasting Patterns Onto Forms
Date: 6/26/2001, 1:41 am

I have just pasted my plans onto the forms with wall paper paste. In hind sight I should have used spray on adhesive. They paper has wrinkled up and I am now concerned about the accuracy of the forms. Some measurements and calculations suggest they have all shrunk or stretched by roughly the same amount (0.5 - 1%), so I think I can ignore the problem and carry on. Am I being rash or should I start again? Incidently, the bow and stern patterns remaining on the intact plan set appear to be around 1% smaller (ie up to 5mm on the middle forms)than the (now wrinkled) patterns on my forms. Is it that the patterns on the forms have stretched (I would have thought the wetting effect of the paste would have shrunk them), or could there have been variation in the plans in the first place, say due to the plan printing process?
Any wise thoughts to help me sleep at night would be appreciated!

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Pasting Patterns Onto Forms
Brad -- 6/26/2001, 1:41 am
Re: Pasting Patterns Onto Forms
mark stevens -- 7/2/2001, 9:26 am
Re: Pasting Patterns Onto Forms
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/26/2001, 2:43 am