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Tall Paddler
By:Steve M.
Date: 9/5/2001, 8:25 pm

Will someone 6'3 190lbs. fit into a Guillemot with the standard cockpit opening or should I enlarge it slightly to make an easier entry?

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Tall Paddler
Steve M. -- 9/5/2001, 8:25 pm
Re: Tall Paddler
Ray Port Angeles -- 9/6/2001, 12:12 pm
Re: Tall Paddler
pete czerpak -- 9/6/2001, 4:24 am
Re: The Cocktail Party Phenomenon
Shawn Baker -- 9/6/2001, 12:17 pm
You'll fit
!RUSS -- 9/5/2001, 10:12 pm