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2 piece Greenland paddle
Date: 10/2/2001, 11:01 pm

I was intrigued in the post abt the SF Bay Paddlefest by:

"I had a conversation with a guy from Feathercraft in Vancouver, and he mentioned that the breakdown Greenland paddle in their rack was the only one he used. His reasoning was that it was a bit slower than a euro-style paddle, but much better for rolling and control, even with the Feathercraft."

I searched "two piece Greenland paddle" and got no threads so I was wondering if anyone has made one and how are the halves joined. I only see round, rather skinny ferrules available and they don't seem appropriate. I'd like to make one so I can carry a spare on the rear deck. Maybe a storm paddle is the only good solution, but I wanted to ask.


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2 piece Greenland paddle
Jim -- 10/2/2001, 11:01 pm
Re: 2 piece Greenland paddle
Greg Stamer -- 10/3/2001, 10:26 am
Thanks all-pls post if you make one *NM*
Jim -- 10/3/2001, 1:05 pm
Re: 2 piece Greenland paddle
Don Beale -- 10/3/2001, 10:57 am
Re: 2 piece Greenland paddle
Malcolm Schweizer -- 10/3/2001, 9:29 am