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Automotive finishes for Kayaks
By:Scott Dollmeyer
Date: 9/24/2001, 1:36 pm

I went to the CLC Demo Day this past Sat. in SanDiego and saw several boats on display there that were built by their liscenced builder in the area that used Automotive paints and Clear coats over the Epoxy and Glass. They claimed the finishes provided plenty Of UV protection, but the oldest Finish that they displayed was only one year old. Does anyone else have experience using these types of finishes. The really interesting thing about the Clear Coat they were using was the clearness of the finish. The big negative i think would be the necessity to have to spray the finish on and also not enough UV Protection. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

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Automotive finishes for Kayaks
Scott Dollmeyer -- 9/24/2001, 1:36 pm
Re: Automotive finishes for Kayaks
steven d philbrick -- 9/24/2001, 6:56 pm