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Opinion of Volkskayak?
Date: 8/13/2001, 10:58 pm


I was wondering if anyone has any opinions of the Volkskayak? A fellow out in Nova Scotia by the name of Gerry Gladwin sells plans for them. He also holds courses on the waterfront in Halifax at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and has a website at

I am planning on building a kayak this fall, and this is one of my possible choices. I have seen a few of these up close, and they look all right to my untrained eye. Gerry also markets the Volkskomponentkayak, a 3 piece kayak. That is not the one I am referring to, just the normal model. I would be building this for small lakes and rivers on the Prairies, not ocean kayaking.

Any and all advice and opinions appreciated.


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Opinion of Volkskayak?
Mike -- 8/13/2001, 10:58 pm
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100GRIT -- 8/14/2001, 5:36 pm
Re: Opinion of Volkskayak?
Ken Sutherland -- 8/15/2001, 12:17 am
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Greg Steeves -- 8/13/2001, 11:28 pm