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Kayak Canoe Locking Systems- Dealers wanted *Pic*
By:Drew A. Rossman
Date: 8/3/2001, 10:08 pm


I write this note noting previous postings on your site regarding "Kayak Security".

My name is Drew A Rossman, Creator of the “Kayak Canoe Locking Systems”.

I would like you to take a look at our product(s) at or

This system is a most valuable asset to any canoe or kayaker, providing security in their investment (which we know can be sizeable), at a very reasonable price. For complete details see our site. If you would be interested in being a retailer or distributor in your area, please fill out the online application. Many territories are still available in many states

Special applications can be developed overnight, and are subject to a slight additional expense as a result of additional materials.

Distributorship requires a first time purchase minimum of 50 units. These can be mixed and matched to best suit you and your dealers needs. For pricing, fill out our distributor application online.

Overnight shipping is available worldwide.
Standard US shipping is only $4.95.
NO taxes collected outside NY State. NY residents add 7% sales tax please.

EXPEDITIONS, RESEARCH GROUPS, ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, PRIVATE SECTOR GROUPS (doing environmentally beneficial research), and other potential applicants can request either reduced pricing, or NO CHARGE use of my product(s).

Thanks for your time,

Drew A Rossman

“Kayak and Canoe Locking Systems”

607-432-6507 US EST - Please call 10am to 10pm EST