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vaneer problems
By:brett the hitman hart
Date: 10/15/2001, 6:36 pm

hello everyone,
i've taken the summmer off to train to run a marathon. now that its over i started work on my yak again. i'm haveing probs with getting my walnut vaneer to be completely flat on my deck. the method i'm useing is
1) coat vaneer with titebond II
2) let dry
3) iron on vaneer
it works really well with the smaller decorations, but when i use large sections i can't get the bumps out of the vaneer. it won't lay flat. i know grant laminates large sections on his yaks, i wonder how he does it? ideas?
thanks everyone,
build on,
brett the hitman hart

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vaneer problems
brett the hitman hart -- 10/15/2001, 6:36 pm
Re: vaneer problems
Rehd -- 10/16/2001, 11:08 am
possible alternative to bagging
Jim Eisenmenger -- 10/16/2001, 8:10 am
how large are the pieces?
mike allen ---> -- 10/15/2001, 8:09 pm
Re: 'and boy are my legs tired!'
Dean Trexel -- 10/15/2001, 6:50 pm
Re: 'and boy are my legs tired!'
brett the hitman hart -- 10/16/2001, 6:49 pm