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taking hull lines
By:garland reese
Date: 6/30/2001, 10:04 pm

I'm interested in taking the lines from the hull of an exsisting boat design, so that I can build a cedar strip recreational rowing shell. I would like to know how best to accomplish this. I think it only necessary to take the hull lines, since the decks of most shells are very simple. I am wondering though, how to get a nice and fair radius at the sheer/deck transition. I've read a few bits on the basics of taking hull lines from various boat types, but I've never done it. I was wondering if anyone here has, and how you went about the process.
There are only a few exsisting plans for rowing shells, none of which I am overly thrilled or very familiar with (the clc oxford is nice but I would like to build in cedar strip, Mac Mcarthy's are still a possibility, albeit a bit too beamy). The lines I want to use are from a boat that we have rowed and like very much. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

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taking hull lines
garland reese -- 6/30/2001, 10:04 pm
Re: taking hull lines
mike allen -- 7/3/2001, 2:13 pm