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Date: 7/26/2001, 9:41 am

Just checking this for a link. I tried polaroid but had the same trouble, not being able to post the pic. For now its just easier to post the link. I also added a few more pics. Tonight I think I'll add pics of my bulkheads. Alot of work for something no one will ever see, so I better show them now before they are installed. For those who are curious they are the "Eye of Horus" And the cover design from the "Dark Side Of The Moon" LP. There is a difference so dont say I am Stealing someones artwork. The rainbow is made from all the different types of wood used in the construction of the Yak. To answer the obvious, no they arent laminates. They are a full 1/4 inch integral part of the bulkhead. I guess I have to post them now after all of the explaning.

Keep building, Elliott