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Re: No staple method
By:Chuck Birch
Date: 6/29/2001, 12:37 am

I just started my first boat in June...about 80% finished with the hull.
Someone on this BB suggested the use of duct tape...I really like it.
I tried the bungee cords...the strips flopped off.
I tried the use of instant super glue with accelerator every foot...messy.
I tried clamping (after spending $thousands on clamps)...they slipped.

The duct tape may seem wasteful, but the cost is reasonable(?)(by comparison to something?). Just wrap the tape around from the sheerline strip (hotglued) up to the strip you're working on going inside the boat and back down the outside to the tape again for a good hold. You get really good at tearing duct tape!!!

Hope that helps...remember, my experience is small, no minute! The experts use staples, I kept saying that to myself wondering why I didn't do that too. But I am happy with the apparent results??

Western Pennsylvania

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Re: No staple method
Chuck Birch -- 6/29/2001, 12:37 am