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Shop Built Beveler for Beadless Builders *Pic*
By:Ron Hagedorn
Date: 10/12/2001, 12:58 am

Hi All

I got tired of re-adjusting the table saw every time I needed to put a slight bevel on a strip. And I have a wide choice of planes, but holding a full length strip whithout a full length shooting bench is also a pain, (not to mention achieving a really consistent bevel).

So an old router, and about half a Saturday, and the prototype result is shown. I am very satisfied with the results. The adjusted angle is locked firmly into place with very little pressure on the thumbscrew.

The center of the arc should correspond with the top of the table. Not critical, but it means less adjusting of the fence when the bit angle is changed. Also, I used only reasonable care in cutting the arcs on the bandsaw, (the cuts are pretty rough, this is a prototype after all) but the point is that I was surprised at how smooth the rotation is with no sanding or smoothing of any kind. In addition, I layed out, and cut all of the quadrant parts from one piece, and assembled (glued and screwed) the parts in place as a final assembly to minimize alignment errors.

I've tried cutting in both directions, climb-cutting shown here makes a little rougher cut, but there is less tendency to splinter some strips, (and yes, it is more dangerous to climb cut, firmly adjusted feather boards, and full attention are definitely in order)

I'm happy enough with the results to someday produce a little more elegant version, so if some of you try this and come up with improvements, please share 8-)


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Shop Built Beveler for Beadless Builders *Pic*
Ron Hagedorn -- 10/12/2001, 12:58 am
Re: Shop Built Beveler for Beadless Builders
Scott E. Davis -- 10/12/2001, 1:15 pm
Re: Shop Built Beveler for Beadless Builders
John Monfoe -- 10/13/2001, 6:36 am