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still soft epoxy... :(
By:A Wendt
Date: 10/8/2001, 1:17 am

I've made a couple of boats already, but this is the first time that a small section of epoxy has not set up hard yet. It's on the inside near the cockpit opening. I've had no problems in the past so my guess is that I most likely counted one too many or few pumps into my tray. Any easy fixes? Help! Please!

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still soft epoxy... :(
A Wendt -- 10/8/2001, 1:17 am
Re: still soft epoxy... :)
Ken Sutherland -- 10/8/2001, 1:11 pm
Re: still soft epoxy... :(
Dean Trexel -- 10/8/2001, 12:46 pm
Re: still soft epoxy... :(
Jason -- 10/8/2001, 5:45 pm
Re: still soft epoxy... :(
Pete -- 10/8/2001, 9:46 am
Re: still soft epoxy... :(
Pete Rudie -- 10/8/2001, 11:22 am