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Re: still soft epoxy... :(
Date: 10/8/2001, 5:45 pm
In Response To: Re: still soft epoxy... :( (Dean Trexel)

I woud follow Dean's recommendation of a little heat. My basement is cooling off now that the outside temps are near 30 degrees in the mornin and I have not turned on the furnace yet (call me cheap). I have noticed that my cure rate is 2-3 days now, were in the summer it was overnight.


: I once had a problem with the epoxy on a couple paddles. I must have
: mis-measured, because the epoxy got tacky but not hard, and stayed that
: way for well over a day. On the advice of people on this board, I took a
: big cardboard box, made a 'tent', and put the paddles under it along with
: (2) 100-Watt worklights. After 2 more days the epoxy was hard. My guess is
: that you could put a light in your cockpit or a heater underneath the
: kayak and get it to cure, too.

: Dean

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