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Re: still soft epoxy... :(
By:Pete Rudie
Date: 10/8/2001, 11:22 am
In Response To: Re: still soft epoxy... :( (Pete)

: If its not a temp. problem with regard to cure time, you might want to remove
: the soft epoxy. Dont even think about adding even a teeny bit of hardner
: or resin [not that you have thought to]. You may want to consider using
: MEK [methyl ethyl ketone] or vinegar to remove the epoxy. i dont kno which
: works better - never tried vinegar. But I can say MEK is a slow remover.
: Youll know you have removed all the soft stuff when it no longer clogs
: your sandpaper.

I agree. In fact, MEK is the industry standard diagnostic test for incorrect metering and mixing problems. MEK won't touch cured product, ergo if MEK takes it off it needs to come off. Use solvent-resistant gloves and a respirator though, the stuff is bad for you.

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