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Opinion on Sea Kayaker S&G
By:John Leonard
Date: 8/8/2001, 12:58 pm

Hi all,

I checked the message archives and couldn't find anything, so I figure I would ask.

I am thinking about building a new boat and was looking for opinions on the Sea Kayaker Magazine stitch and glue Greenland style boat. There were two very favorable reviews on the Kayak Builders of Southern California site, but I am looking for more opinions.

How does it turn? How does it track? Does it weathercock much? Does it need the skeg?

I definately prefer boats that are playful and turn rather than track. I have a Pintail and really like the way it paddles, and I am not so fond of my Sirius.

I would appreciate any and all input you may have about this boat or any others (S&G) you feel turn easily. I looked at the Guillemot S&G, but I don't think it has the cargo space I want for light camping.

I was hoping to make it to the Newfound Rendevous this year and try some boats, but I think that may be out :-(



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Opinion on Sea Kayaker S&G
John Leonard -- 8/8/2001, 12:58 pm
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Ross Leidy -- 8/8/2001, 2:33 pm