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Nick Shade - coaming award
By:Jay Babina
Date: 6/19/2001, 10:11 am

I was on Ross Ledy's site admiring the web page design as well as his craftsmanship and enthusiasm and something occured to me that I have told many people. Nick is truly the unsung hero with his coaming design. The idea os using virtical strips to make it is actrally great. Almost everybody uses it and it actually defies common sense yet it's a great way to achieve a hard-to-do detail on the kayak. Nick should get credit for this inventive detail that we all take for granted.

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Nick Shade - coaming award
Jay Babina -- 6/19/2001, 10:11 am
Re: Nick Shade - coaming award
Ross Leidy -- 6/19/2001, 1:04 pm
Re: Nick Shade - coaming award
Dean Trexel -- 6/19/2001, 11:51 am
Re: Nick Shade -cool coaming award
Tony -- 6/19/2001, 1:36 pm
Re: Nick Shade - coaming Coolness award
Ben Staley -- 6/19/2001, 10:21 am