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Wooden Boat Artistry
Date: 8/6/2001, 4:47 pm

Here is to drool at. Each hull is a single plank of 3/32 by 22 ft, steam bent. All genuflect please.

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Wooden Boat Artistry
Severne -- 8/6/2001, 4:47 pm
raising an interesting concept
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/6/2001, 7:06 pm
Re: raising an interesting concept
garland reese -- 8/10/2001, 12:45 am
old idea recycled
Paul G. Jacobson -- 8/10/2001, 3:44 am
Re: raising an interesting concept
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 8/7/2001, 9:10 am