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Tyne Folder : Sail Rigging etc.?
Date: 7/3/2001, 5:01 am

Hi. I am in the process of restoring a badly abused Tyne Folding Boat. It is a double, about 5.3m long with a canvas & vynil skin.I believe that these were last made around the 1950's. There was a sail included with the boat as well as a pair of lee boards. Does anyone have any information regarding the rigging of the sail ? The sail is lateen shaped, with a light boom on the foot and head. There is no mast , and I assume this has got lost over the years. Any ideas on what the mast dimensions would be ? ( There is a stepping hole, in the fore-peak, with a corresponding "boot" on the frame, inside the hull. Furthermore, can anyone suggest a waterproofing agent for the skin ? The vynil is intact, but has cracked along fold-lines when the skin was incorrectly stored for a long period. I would appreciate any help in the form of old technical drawings, photos, or anything else which will help to return this old lady to her former self.