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More Rendezvous Pictures
By:Michael (Newfound Woodworks)
Date: 9/29/2001, 7:39 am

For more Rendezvous pictures go to the link below. The thumbnails will take a little while to download. We thank Jon Hockersmith (the official Rendezvous photographer)for taking the pictures. We have many more, this is just a sampling.

Thanks to the demonstrators, volunteers, and builders who helped make this a successful event during this very stressful time.

Michael Vermouth

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More Rendezvous Pictures
Michael (Newfound Woodworks) -- 9/29/2001, 7:39 am
Re: More Rendezvous Pictures
Ken Sutherland -- 9/29/2001, 10:18 pm
These pics are great! Looks like a wonderful time *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 9/29/2001, 4:39 pm