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R2K1 Travelers from S. California
Date: 7/23/2001, 10:32 am

My exprience of traveling with my S&G is that it attracts tons of attention. From past postings on this board it is obvious that some attention is not wanted (i.e.theft) and when in transit this tends to be a constant concern. I live in S. Oregon (Meford/Ashland area) and I am offering my place to store your kayaks on the way to or from Port Townsend (so that your yak does not have to spend the night on a rack in some hotel parking lot) Port Townsend is 8 hours from here. If you are interested let me know by email. (BTW, this offer is not altogather altruistic, since I will not be able to go to R2K1 and this may be the only way I get to see some other boats : )

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R2K1 Travelers from S. California
Ed -- 7/23/2001, 10:32 am
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LeeG -- 7/23/2001, 11:12 am