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Taping interior hull seams
By:David Carlson
Date: 8/31/2001, 7:07 am

I found a great way to tape the inside hull seams while building my Night Heron. Pre-saturate the tape as described in Nicks book, but then neatly roll it onto the end of a 4 inch foam roller. The roller frame already had a threaded end for a pole so screw in one and slowly roll it along the seam until the tape roll off. Then you have the foam roller with some epoxy already in it to smoothe out the tape. It worked great for me, and I taped the second side this morning in about 20 minutes was finished and a smooth tape seam to show for it.

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Taping interior hull seams
David Carlson -- 8/31/2001, 7:07 am
Re: Taping interior hull seams
Severne -- 9/4/2001, 11:30 am