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Which kayak - My Info.
Date: 8/21/2001, 12:09 pm

I had posted the following (?) yesterday. Paul pointed out to me that more info would be helpful. I now have my background info to go with it, thanks.

I would like to get opinions on these two kayaks and or companys. I am new to this and plan to build my first this winter. I'm looking at Chesapeake Light Craft - model: Chesapeake 17 or the Roy Folland Sea Wolf. Any opinions on the quality of these boats would be helpful. THANKS!

6'1" - 33" Inseam
11-1/2 Shoe size
Will mostly paddle calm lakes for exercise, but may venture out to the larger lakes once my experience increases.
At this time my experience is limited to a tandem (with my wife or kids) which is very stable (30" wide).
I do not expect to learn to roll.

I know it will be helpful to have all this feedback from you and I had intended on getting into these issues as well. I
guess I was going the route of getting info of the quality of the kits first. To see if anyone had info which would put one company's kit above the others. Then I was going to research "Kayak Fit".

But having said all that you know a lot more about all this than I ever will, so I will gladly give all the info I can .