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Just a Question
Date: 9/18/2001, 10:20 am


First, I really like the kayaks discussed here, and have bought books and plans and am looking forward to building one in the comming months.

However I was thinking the other night ... I have heard many people talk about the dangers (to personal health) of the "Epoxy and Fiberglass" construction method, and I sometimes think that it is a shame that once you have created this beautiful wooden structure, you have to go and use a "modern" material to complete the boat.

Now, I understand that using epoxy and fiberglass increases the strengh and durability of the final craft, but would it not be possable to build one complete from wood ? This would just feel more "natural" to me. Yes I know I could make a "skin on frame", but this does not have the "looks" of an all wooden kayak.

Is weight the primary reason ?
Could you not just make the strips thinner, and build it around a frame like in the "skin on frame" kayak ?


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Just a Question
Ian -- 9/18/2001, 10:20 am
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Ian -- 9/20/2001, 4:12 am
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