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Which boats are similar to...
By:Val Wann
Date: 9/30/2001, 10:24 pm

...the Eddyline Nighthawk (16', not the 17.5) or the Wilderness Systems Sparrowhawk?

A friend of mine recently paddled these two boats and liked them both. She wants to build her own, and would like to know what plans/kits are available that would be similar.

The two boats are similar in size, although one is a hard-chine Greenland-inspired hull (the Sparrowhawk, at 16'5" x 21.25"x10.25 deep) while one is a round-chine (Nighthawk at 16' x 22" x 13" deep)

Both models have fairly low, flat aft decks, and upswept sterns (with retractable skegs). Not a lot of rocker on the keel line, but quite a bit in the chines.

So which boat(s) could she build that will have similar hulls & characteristics? Strip-built preferred, but S&G OK.

Thanks in advance for recommendations.

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Which boats are similar to...
Val Wann -- 9/30/2001, 10:24 pm
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Dean Trexel -- 10/1/2001, 12:30 am