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some ideas about a 3-pieces boat
Date: 9/24/2001, 7:34 am

I got few responses after posting my 3-pieces boat webpage,
so I think few people will benefit if they will not repeat my mistakes.

I thought about few things that can be improved but haven't put
them on my website yet.

here they are:

The joints are heavy. a possible way to reduce their weight is to use
a thinner & lighter wood. After realising how strong the joints are I think
there is no need for such a thick plywood. I used 12mm plywood but next time
I will use 8mm.

another way to reduce weight is to make the joint "empty" in the center,
that means making it like a ring rather than as a bulkhead.

where bulkhead is needed one side of the joint can be left "full".

& if so.... then a footpump can be installed depressed into the bulkhead/joint
so.... the center piece can be made shorter.
(when I designed the location of my joints I left space for a footpump
installed ON the bulkhead & not depressed into it).

& if the joints are lighter, then why not make few more of them & devide the
bow/stern pieces into sections that are small enough to be stored inside
the cockpit.

The extra joints at the bow/stern will also be lighter & require less screws,
& they will not be subjected to high stress as the "center joints", so perhaps
they can be made of 5-6mm plywood laminated with fg.

ideas ideas ideas,

build less paddle more,


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