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SOF - Greenland or Baidarka
By:Ken Finger
Date: 6/13/2001, 7:40 am

I am planning to build a SOF kayak as my next project. The first step is deciding what type of boat to build. I am considering a Greenland design, like George Putz's Walrus, and a baidarka, possibly one of George Dyson's designs. I am familiar with Greenland designs and their performance, but I have never paddled a baidarka. Actually, except for photos, I have never seen a baidarka.

I would appreciate any input on the characteristics of a baidarka vs. a Greenland design, both in building and handling on the water.

Also, is anyone planning on bringing a Baidarka to the June 23rd event? If so, will they be permitting "test drives"?


Ken Finger

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SOF - Greenland or Baidarka
Ken Finger -- 6/13/2001, 7:40 am
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