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Guinness World Record *Pic*
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 7/30/2001, 11:35 am

Here's an aerial photo of the world record for the largest raft of canoes and kayaks. One of those no-huge-feat records, but it was still fun to be there.


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Guinness World Record *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 7/30/2001, 11:35 am
Re: Guinness World Record
Chris Menard -- 7/30/2001, 2:44 pm
Nick said....
Ross Leidy -- 7/30/2001, 5:07 pm
Didn't Nick also say: :)
Paul G. -- 8/1/2001, 12:00 am
Re: Nick said....
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 7/31/2001, 10:24 am