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sectional kayaks
Date: 6/4/2001, 1:42 pm

I plan to build a stitch and glue sea kayak. The catch is, I want to make it in three sections. Boat storage is the main issue. I have read that sectional kayaks are more rigid than one piece and the multiple bulkheads would also contribute to floation.
Does anyone have any knowledge on this type of plan modification? Are there any concerns to be addressed? Any input is appreciated.

Orlando, Fl

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sectional kayaks
Joseph -- 6/4/2001, 1:42 pm
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Joseph -- 6/8/2001, 1:17 pm
Re: sectional kayaks
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/11/2001, 2:55 am
Re: sectional kayaks
David Dick -- 6/9/2001, 8:00 am
a method for desair
mike allen ---> -- 6/8/2001, 1:46 pm
'p' lost in de sair! *NM*
mike allen ---> -- 6/8/2001, 1:49 pm
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Ross Leidy -- 6/8/2001, 1:51 pm
i was trying, how about...
mike allen ---> -- 6/8/2001, 2:15 pm
Re: sectional kayaks
Randy Knauff -- 6/5/2001, 2:14 pm
Sea Kayaker Magazine article
Ross Leidy -- 6/5/2001, 9:30 am
Re: sectional kayaks
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/5/2001, 12:41 am
Re: sectional kayaks
erez -- 6/4/2001, 6:56 pm
Re: sectional kayaks
John Hoch -- 7/30/2001, 9:20 am
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Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/31/2001, 4:47 am