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Depth question
Date: 8/16/2001, 12:52 pm

I am planning on building a kayak this winter (perhaps the Guillemot or Great Auk), and the only place I have to work on it is in my basement. We have no garage and the boss (aka my wife) says the main floor living room is out of the question. My basement windows are rather long, and the opening is only 17" high.

What is the total depth of the average kayak, including hull, deck, cockpit combings and everything, totally assembled? Would it be able to fit out my window once completed?

Thanks for the info.

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Depth question
Mike -- 8/16/2001, 12:52 pm
No problem
Larry C. -- 8/16/2001, 5:40 pm
Re: and pad the window
Don Beale -- 8/16/2001, 5:22 pm
this time for real
Pete Notman -- 8/16/2001, 5:11 pm
Re: Depth question *NM*
Pete Notman -- 8/16/2001, 5:04 pm
Depth is for submarines :D not yaks
!RUSS -- 8/16/2001, 3:12 pm
Basement advice
Dale Frolander -- 8/16/2001, 2:42 pm
Exhaust fan
Mike -- 8/16/2001, 8:20 pm
Dale Frolander -- 8/17/2001, 1:11 am
Re: Basement advice
addison -- 8/16/2001, 5:33 pm
Re: Depth question
Don Beale -- 8/16/2001, 2:21 pm
Re: Depth question
mike allen -- 8/16/2001, 1:38 pm