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Seat back
By:Jim Horlacher
Date: 9/6/2001, 12:27 pm

OK. I need suggestions on how to mount my seat back. This is in a Spring Run. I formed a seat out of 4" mini-cell and have a piece of mini-cell about 4" X 5" that sits virtical from the hull bottom up to the coaming ring (between the back of the seat and the rear bulkhead). For the seat back (backrest) I made a ) shaped piece about 14" wide with cove and bead strips and covered both sides with 6oz fiberglass. I will put a 1" piece of mini-cell on this.
I assume I want to keep the top of the backrest at the height of the rear coaming ring. I was thinking of just putting a wedge of mini-cell between the vertical piece and backrest to get a comfortable angle. I'm afraid this set-up won't provide enough support for the lower part of the back-rest though.
I don't know if the description gives a good enough idea of what I have but I would like any suggestions you have. I like the way Joe mounted the backrest in the King but I did not see (or remember) enough detail to make it like that.

Jim Horlacher

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