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'Glassing the Deck *Pic*
By:Rick Brannan
Date: 9/11/2001, 4:35 pm

Hi folks.

I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. It is time to begin to 'glass the deck of the Guillemot-L I've been working on. However ... I have a situation. Whilst stripping the deck, I also added the cockpit recess and coaming. That is, the short 2-inch vertical pieces of cedar that form the basis of the coaming. I'd do this differently now, but I'm stuck with what I currently have.

So, I'd like to ask some advice on the way I go about doing this, fiberglassing around that 90 degree angle. As far as I can tell, I have options like:

[option 1]
1. Fillet (am I using that term properly?) the 90 degree area of the recess/coaming.
2. Sealer coat.
3. Fiberglass the deck -- cut out a hole for the cockpit, then touch it up and deal with the coaming/recess.

[option 2]
1. Sealer Coat
2. Fillet
3. 'glass the deck.

Now, I've thought about perhaps just laying the 'glass cloth out over the deck, and simply cutting an 'X' (more like a +, I guess) with one axis along the centerline of the cockpit, the other axis perpendicular to it. Then let the whole cloth run up the 90 angle, after a sealer coat/fillet, of course. But my only fiberglass experience thus far is the hull, so I don't know if this idea is pure foolishness.

Any ideas on how to deal with this? Should I fillet or should I do the sealer coat first? Then, how to handle 'glassing around the coaming? I've got a picture below, more pictures are available if you follow the link [the most recent pictures are dated September 9]. I'd love some input before I start down the road.

Rick Brannan

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