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DIY folding kayak?
Date: 8/18/2001, 8:20 am

I'm a Newbie here with a growing interest in building my own kayak (I think right now my symptoms are sub-clinical, but at what point does it officially become a psychiatric disorder?)

I'm impressed with the S&G and SOF kayaks I've seen on various websites - very beautiful and tantalizing. But when I dream about going on kayak trips to enjoy the kayak I want to build, everything is a looong ways away (I'm in TX and the most interesting places appear to be far flung (FL Keys, Baja, BWCA, San Juans). If I built my own more conventional S&G or SOF, then I'd be limited to road trips to my put-in points. The distances alone would make much of these simply out of reach. BUT if I could build a folding kayak myself and be able to hop on a plane. . . well then all KINDS of possibilities open up, no?

Could it be done cheaply and well? Best case scenario I could end up with a folding kayak that performs reliably and didn't cost the kind of money that the name brands do.

I figure worse case scenario would be a spectacular failure - the likes of which provide my friends and family with hours of enjoyment. (Since I'd test it out well after building AND since I've loads of backcountry experience backpacking solo, I'm not worried about spectacular failures in the wild at this point)

Ideas? Reactions to my malady? Can anyone recommend treatments for a boating diorder should I develop a full blown one?

ad delirium,

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