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Deck cleats
By:Don Beale
Date: 8/7/2001, 1:36 am

One of the things my Spring Run needs is a better spare paddle attachment. A bungee across the foredeck, in front of the hatches, is a necessity. The boat has a pair of rails just in front of the cockpit, and a shorter one for the rear deck.

I made two pair of fir cleats tonight, to match the rails. Then I stood there, holding these cleats in position on the foredeck, wondering two things:

1. How would it feel to smash my nards against these, trying to climb onto the boat in the rough? Or, is there another attachment method that will fit the 'theme' of the boat, and be a little easier on the body parts? It seems out of place to look at webbing attachment, and I cant think of another option. Does anybody else have cleats on the foredeck, and have they ever hurt you?

and 2. Should I look for symmetry and add a pair to the rear deck, even tho they are not really needed? I cant fit the storm paddle on the rear deck, it's too long. Is there anything else I might eventually want to put there?

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