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Tricky Stitching?
Date: 10/2/2001, 9:52 am

I'm about to stitch the bottom of my Chesapeake 16 to the side panels. It seems like I will need to force quite a bit to get it to come together, particularly near the beam. Is this normal? (I've followed directions very carefully, have the beam at the right width, and the bottom panels at the correct angle, I think) Any advice from fellow stitchers? thanks.

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Tricky Stitching?
Jed -- 10/2/2001, 9:52 am
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j.knierim -- 10/3/2001, 2:53 am
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Geo. Cushing -- 10/2/2001, 12:18 pm
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LeeG -- 10/2/2001, 12:18 pm
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Craig Bumgarner -- 10/2/2001, 11:01 am