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Folbot Super recover hull
By:Danna Kewish
Date: 6/19/2001, 5:01 pm

I just purchased a Folbot Super second hand and would like to replace the hull fabric. I don't know what to use or where to go to get the fabric. Are there places that would replace it for me? I really don't want to spend more than $500 to do it if I can get away with it. I would also like to know what the floating devices were that went in the ends of the boat and where I could possibly get those. I would really appreciate any information that anyone has about the Folbot Super. Evidently the company re-tooled in 1989 and doesn't make any of the replacement parts. That's about the extent of my knowledge so if you have words of wisdom please send them my way.

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Folbot Super recover hull
Danna Kewish -- 6/19/2001, 5:01 pm
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